How to Throw the Best At-Home Bachelor Party

How to Throw the Best At-Home Bachelor Party

When you think of bachelor parties, that Tom Hanks movie “Bachelor Party” or ensemble cast flick “The Hangover” might come to mind, but it’s really not that crazy. It’s just a group of guys who are close to the groom sharing a special moment with him before he takes the big step into married life. Every year, more than 2 million weddings are performed in the United States, which means a lot of bachelor parties! Yours will be no different. What will make your party a cut above the rest is successful planning and timing. So, how do you plan for such a monumental bachelor party at home, especially during these challenging times? Just last year, most bachelor parties were held at a hotel or resort. In 2020, most partygoers and planners are choosing house rentals or their own homes as an alternative. Renting a home or staying in provides a more intimate environment. The following are some tips for a fun bachelor party at home, and how you can make it a memorable event for the groom and everyone involved.

Inviting the Guests for a Bachelor Party at Home

The groom should determine who is invited to his fun bachelor party. Those who are throwing the bachelor party at home should ask for a list of names and contact information from the groom about who he would like to include at his party. A group email or a Facebook page can get the job done as far as alerting those who the groom would like to see in attendance. Or, if he’s the more formal type, invitations can be sent out.

Typically, bachelor parties are for male participants only, but should a woman be an important part of the groom’s life, she can also attend. It’s really up to the groom, as it is his special party. The best man should be there, the groomsmen, close friends, and siblings of the groom. Anyone who is also invited to the wedding can come essentially. The only no-no would be to invite someone to the bachelor party at home who is not invited to attend the wedding celebration.

Traditionally, the best man and groomsmen throw fun bachelor parties, but anyone close to the groom, such as family members, can plan the event. Cousins, siblings, or even co-workers are good candidates for event planners, especially if the best man is unable to. During the era of COVID-19, guestlists are getting smaller, so it’s imperative to invite only those people that the groom really would like to be there. While there may be a lot of close friends of the groom, there are most likely only a handful of people he absolutely must have at his special event. Perhaps even a separate family event would be a good choice, so only friends can be this particular party.

Also, knowing what the groom’s interests are will help with party-planning, as you can choose a theme very personal to him. Once you choose the theme, be sure to buy all the decorations, as well as any party favors you will need, such as keychains and like. Once you decide what the theme will be, shopping will become a lot easier, and turn that theme into a reality.

Plan the Food

Food planning is key for a quality bachelor party at home. There so many options to choose from, as you can order pizza online, order Italian takeaway from a local Italian restaurant, or secure some really good sushi. Feeding a group of hungry men can be a bit costly, so if you’re on a budget, asking guests to contribute to the food costs can be helpful. Offer a spread of many different foods, such as those listed above. Allergy or gluten-free limitations should be taken into account as well, so an array of choices will please all of your guests in the end.

Make sure that you have everything you need for a large spread for your bachelor party at home, such as plenty of plates, cutlery, napkins, and a large area where all the food choices can be laid out. Take into account what might need to be refrigerated as well, and let guests know where these items are. As the party can last several hours, you don’t want any food to spoil and put a damper on the festivities.

All-in-all, with many different kinds of food available, as well as finger foods, you can’t really go wrong. Italian takeaway is a popular choice, because not only can you get pizza, but spaghetti, garlic bread, and every variety of pasta you can think of. Italian restaurants specialize in catering for parties and will gladly provide samples of every item on the menu to ensure your guests are pleased with the food choices. Breadsticks and dipping sauces, as well as salads, are usually included in the smorgasbord of Italian cuisine.

While you’re thinking of the right food, don’t forget about dessert. A groom’s cake is still a thing. Pick a cake theme that coincides with your party theme. Make a toast to the groom and slice up the cake!

Plan the Entertainment

What’s a party without entertainment? Bachelor party packages are available at most businesses, and they are more than happy to accommodate larger groups. Two popular choices for bachelor party entertainment are escape rooms and shooting ranges. An escape room near you is the perfect form of entertainment for larger groups.

An escape room is a game in which a team of players discovers clues and solves intricate puzzles in a room to accomplish a goal in a set time frame. The goal is often to escape the room, and the participants normally play as a team of up to 10 players. The games are set in fictional locations, such as dungeons. The challenges set for in the rooms usually match the theme of the room. The rules are delivered before the game starts and the clock starts. The players have up to an hour to solve the riddles and complete the game. Since it’s a game of mental agility, guests do not have to be physically fit to participate. Guests can ask for hints as the game progresses to ensure success. A sense of camaraderie will develop when your group solves the puzzle by working together. It will also provide endless conversations once the game is finished.

But if a game room is too sedate for the groom and his group of friends, and you want something for your guests that gets the adrenaline pumping a bit more, a shooting range bachelor party is a good option. The initial bachelor party at home can begin with food, then head to the shooting range to burn it off. Some friendly competition at the range makes for an interesting guys’ night out that won’t soon be forgotten. Whether the group is new to shooting or more experienced, the shooting range staff can help accommodate, as well as ensure the utmost safety. Many shooting ranges offer bachelor party packages and events. Basic firearms are included, and everyone will be properly briefed on safety.

Plan the Extras

As with any celebration, drinks are the top priority. An array of beer options makes the offering way more exciting. Many individuals drink craft beer because they want to try something new. With craft beer, consumers can experiment with an array of beer styles and tastes. The younger the consumers are, the more likely they are to drink craft beer at a pub or restaurant. So with craft beer on your bachelor party menu, guests can sample many different types of craft beers and have fun doing so. With endless possibilities for beer and entertainment, a bachelor party at home can be a real blow-out. Should you opt for a beer tour as opposed to staying in, many breweries offer private bachelor party tours. The breweries will do all the planning, so there’s no need to stress about exactly how to go about sampling all the beer you can drink. You and your crew can have a fantastic time relaxing while you travel on a tour bus. If you live in an area where breweries are prevalent, you can get a taste of what’s out there in an intimate setting of just you and your party guests should you obtain a bachelor party package.

For relaxation following the beer tour, and to polish off all that aforementioned food, cannabis delivery is an excellent option to add an extra element to a bachelor party at home. If marijuana is legal in your state, many dispensaries provide delivery, especially during these uncertain times. Some of the benefits of cannabis delivery include not waiting in line, no awkward chance encounters, professionals can pick the perfect strain for you and your guests, and dispensaries are very discreet and do not turn up in branded clothes or vehicles. Dispensaries are usually open later as well, so if you’re too busy earlier in the party, you can save the best for last. Products are also delivered in state-compliant child-proof containers.

Get Ready for the Party

OK. So you have the food, entertainment, drinks, and other extras all planned out, but look at the house! So you need to ensure your home is in tip-top condition for the party. Impress your guests with a home that is clean and immaculate. For this undertaking, you need the proper strategy. Manage your house cleaning tasks with the same fervor that you used for planning activities. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, as long as you have a game plan. The use of a checklist can help ensure you’ll have the area looking spotless. You need to start at least seven days prior to the party. Armed with your list, make sure you keep the chores in simple chunks, so as not to seem overwhelming. You can pick a room for every day of the week. Try the finish the day’s tasks in an hour or so, that way you won’t feel stressed or overwhelmed. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to housecleaning.

While you clean and prepare, think of how a guest would view your home, and try to plan accordingly. Such as “if I were a guest, what would make me feel comfortable in this home?” Make sure there are no obstacles for anyone to trip over. Remove throw rugs and other potential hazards so that guests can move easily about the rooms. Preparation is a key component of stress reduction. If you break up the tasks and have members of your family assist you, before you know it, the house will be party-ready. Start with the windows and entryway, work your way toward the bathrooms, then the guest areas, the kitchen, and other general areas that partygoers may frequent at your home. Be sure to have an array of music choices as well. Hiring a DJ would be a good option, especially if it’s an outside event during spring, summer, and even fall parties. Once all the tasks are out of the way, you can touch up as need be.

On the last day, be sure to start decorating for the party theme, so everything is arranged exactly how you want it. By now, you should have purchased everything you need, so there will be no last-minute trips to the store! The groomsmen can help with the decorating if it’s too large of a task to perform on your own. The groom will appreciate your efforts.

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A great bachelor party at home can be an enriching and rewarding experience for the groom, as well as all your guests. With so many foods and drink takeaway options these days, you can be sure your party will be the intimate gathering that will be remembered for years. Successful planning, the proper guest list, a theme, and knowing exactly what businesses will cater to your needs are the first steps for a get-together that will properly send the groom off into his new life, and give your guests wonderful memories to share for years.

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